Hedda Droege

Estella & Federle start the season with fantastic rides

With my mares Federle and Estella I was at the dressage show in Ankum. On Thursday, Federle, my little prima ballerina, was able to record her first advanced (S) level victory with 74.802% in a strong field of starters, and Estella also showed a strong and confident round, finishing third in the same test with 73.056%.

And as if this wasn't enough, the two mares, who are just eight years old, went one better in their Prix St. Georg premiere on Friday: In the end it was second place for Federle with 72.412% and third place for Estella with 71.754%.

It was simply amazing and I am so happy about the development of my two girls! For me, these are the moments when the years of systematic training are rewarded and the horse that I have accompanied from foaling days on suddenly grows up and gives me so much in return. In the tests I could just enjoy our rides!