Successfully competing with home-bred dressage horses at the international level – that’s the vision of Hedda Droege and the team of Gut Dalmer. Talented offspring is gently trained and schooled individually before they are introduced to the difficult movements.



Fifth Avenue, Hedda Droege’s former successful mare, was a stroke of luck. She came to the Droege-family at the age of four in 2002, and the team further developed her to compete at the Grand Prix-level. Due to the excellent results achieved in advanced level dressage tests, Hedda Droege was honoured with the Rider’s Award in Gold. This award and the appointments for both, the German B2-team and the Dressage Futurity Squad, were certainly the greatest successes jointly achieved with Fifth Avenue. Another milestone was the Nations Cup with the German team aged 25 and younger in Aachen as well as a number of starts in finals of the Piaff Challenge Cup in Frankfurt. Fifth Avenue is a horse with a strong personality. She is particularly sensitive, self-confident and dominating. A true diva. She displays an incredible charismatic vibrancy and noblesse in the dressage ring. Her willingness to collect, piaffe and passage and the ease with which she accomplished her exercises were her most fascinating and impressive properties. We are looking forward with anticipation to her first foal in 2015 by the stallion Sezuan.

  • Born: 1998
  • Breed: Westphalian
  • Color: black
  • Height: 168 cm
  • Breeder: Egbert Snoek



Laura Lux showed up in the final ring at the 2001 Westphalian Elite Show where she impressed with her ground-covering movement full of rhythm. Dorothee Schneider then started to present her at competitions. Laura qualified for the Final of the 2007 Nuremberg Cup. She won and was placed in dressage tests up to Intermediaire I-level with Hedda Droege as of 2008, and both earned the fourth place at the German Young Riders Championships. Unfortunately Laura had to be retired from sports at an early age due to health problems. Now she enjoys her retirement as broodmare at Gut Dalmer where she already produced a number of promising progeny.

  • Born: 1999
  • Breed: Westphalian
  • Color: brown
  • Height: 172 cm
  • Breeder: Werner Niermeyer



Donatella descends from the own breeding shed, she was honoured with a state premium award at the age of three and was only started under saddle at the age of 4 and trained by Hedda Droege. Her father De Kooning was discovered and acquired at the age of 2. Since then he is one of the foundation stalltions for the Ramsbrock-Stable and the estate "Gut Dalmer". Her Mother Roccadera (Rubinstein x Rouletto) belongs to the bloodline mares of Gut Dalmer.

"Donna" is an exemplary youngster with both, physical and mental strength. Her strong fighting spirit and work ethic are hard to top, and she convincingly accomplishes the Grand Prix-exercises with an impressive level of skill in piaffe and passage, a high degree of security in the different components of a test and suppleness.

Donna was already placed in a number of medium level dressage tests in 2011. The second place at the Westphalian Championships for six-year-old dressage horses was certainly one of the highlights. She established herself at the advanced dressage level at the age of seven. In 2014, Donna won the qualifier for the Final of the Louisdour Prize, a series for Germany's best futurity Grand Prix-horses, at the Gestüt Peterhof with a final score of 73.6%, winning the ticket for the Final of the Louisdor Prize in Frankfurt. There she was prized as the second best german dressage youngster for Grand Prix with a score of 71,94 %. Her show passport also features a number of victories in Intermediaire II and short Grand Prix as well as first placings in Grand Prix-tests.

Today Donatella enjoys her time as a broodmare.

  • Born: 2005
  • Breed: Westphalian
  • Color: brown
  • Height: 169 cm