Hedda Droege


True to the principle: "You can only create good things out of the best", the Droege family has committed themselves to breeding first-class dressage horses.

The carefully selected mare bloodline consists mainly of self-bred state premium mares. Thanks to the selected pairing with top sires for dressage sport, young dressage talents grow up at Gut Dalmer year after year. We attach a high priority to horse-friendly rearing with year-round grazing and running, the best possible feeding and close preventive health care - the ideal conditions for our young horses to develop into sport partners with strong characters. Through solid training, which focuses on the individual talents of each horse, we set the course for a successful start to a sports or breeding career at an early stage.

We offer our national and international customers a selection of first-class dressage horses from the hopeful remonte up to Grand Prix winners. Dressage horses directly from the breeder!